Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inspiration (2010)

So what happened to my photography between 2008 and around November 2010? Not a lot to be honest! Moving house, changing jobs, and then the inevitable (for me) lack of confidence when it got to be a year or two since the last shoot.

Ivory Flame
Finally, I was determined to do something ... and that something turned out to be booking a shoot with Ivory Flame. She was always up the top of my list of models to book as and when I could afford to pay a model, and she is rather good at making a nervous (born again) newbie at ease. A very good afternoon got me under way again, and I decided I was going to 'do something photographic' every month. In fact, that was my New Year's Resolution for 2011.

Annie Moya

Soon after this shoot I had an opportunity to upgrade the camera, and traded my Nikon D50 body for a D200. Far superior to the entry level D50, and was top of the range in it's day (about 5 years before). Lenses and flash fit of course, so it was an easy upgrade. To try it out I booked a short fashion shoot with Sophie Smith, who happened to be touring the South West.

Lady Persephone

The first half of 2011 brought with it a series of photoshoots on various themes, and the ideas start rolling. More shoots than I'd ever done before with fabulous models such as Annie Moya, Miss Pixie, Niki Marie, Poppy McLean, Sarah 75, Mike Rayner, Lady Persephone, Laylah and Fiona S.

Fiona S


Miss Pixie

Sophie Smith

NikiMarie & Poppy

Mike Rayner & Sarah

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